Plastic Business Card Options

clear plastic business cards

Business cards are a powerful, traditional marketing tool that has been Plastic Square Business Cardsused for ages, yet most are still printed on paper. Why not leave a lasting impression with our eco-friendly plastic business cards? Potential clients are more likely to keep a plastic card and pass it along to other potential clients!

Plastic Card Options

frosted-plastic-business-card-20pt-printpeppermint-dot-comThere are many innovative options available that can be incorporated into your design to create a truly
awe-inspiring statement to your customers. All plastic cards are printed with soy-based (chemical free) inks on partially recycled plastic stock. All plastic cards come with the option of a 1/8″ or 1/2″ round corner.

*Note: For safety reasons, all of our plastic cards have rounded corners.


Card Thickness

Without actually holding a card, it might be difficult to imagine what card thickness would be best for your project. So to give you a better idea:frosted-plastic-with-gold-foil

  • 12 pt cards, our thinnest card: Flimsy and bendable, but still durable. Imagine the thickness of a plastic page protector or report cover. These cards can only be printed with a hot foil stamp, which is available in a variety of colors. (We cannot print ink onto cards with a 12 pt thickness)
  • 20 pt cards: Still bendable, but thicker than the 12 pt. About the thickness of an ID badge.
  • 30 pt cards: Sturdiest option, about the thickness of a credit card.

Frosted Plastic Cards30 pt frosted plastic business card gold foil stamp

Our frosted plastic cards are a favorite among our customers because of their unique appearance, similar to looking through ice. They create a simple, yet impressive look with dramatic color that demands attention.

Clear Plastic Cards

frosted-plastic-with-white-inkThe translucent nature of clear plastic allows text and graphics printed on the back to also be viewed from the front. Our designers can use this to create stunning visual effects!


Colored Plastic CardsIMG_4136

For customers who are wanting colored plastic cards, we offer full “color washing” on our translucent plastic cards to give the appearance of colored plastic. (Available in virtually any color!)

White Backer

What is a white backer? A white backer is a layer put behind design elements to make them stand out. With two sided clear plastic designs the white backer is sandwiched in between elements. Since white ink can’t be printed onto plastic cards, a white backer can be used to make design elements white. (This is not recommended for small text, as it may not always line up properly, making the text difficult to read.) 

This card uses a white backer


Without the White Backer, any text that is white in your design will be clear on your card


Plastic Cards Do’s & Don’ts

How to Achieve the Best Print Quality

  • Frosted & clear plastic cards may print up to 30% lighter than what appears on the digital version on your screen. When ordering cards without a white backer, always over-saturate your colors, or choose the 30 pt plastic cards WITH a white backer.clear plastic business card design
  • Darker colors generally show up better and look nicer with any plastic card.
  • Keep your design clean and simple. Less is more! Choosing a plastic card automatically grabs attention, so there’s no need to over do it with colors and designs.
  • Make sure text is large enough to be legible. Also, without a white backer, use a dark colored, wider font to make text easier to read.